Saturday, 27 February 2016

8c - The internals - structural engineer

And lastly I move on to something I didn't mention in 8a - a structural engineer. Now that the extension is almost weatherproof it has gone very dark in the extension but it has also gone very dark in the kitchen/diner. We now have to have lights on all the time so we can see and this got me thinking about this in the long term and I wasn't keen on what I was visualising, so I thought;
 'What if we take the back wall down as it'll let light through from the kitchen'

I mooted the idea with the parents and they also thought it a good idea and as there is nothing in the new kitchen against that wall we decided to speak to the builders to see what costs would be involved. To our surprise the cost isn't huge, certainly its manageable and less than we thought so my dad has now spoken to a structural engineer friend of his who is also coming round Monday to discuss this with me and the contractor too, but it looks likely we will take down the existing back wall of our house which will open up the whole downstairs pretty much. in affect we will be dual aspect front and back as we are also putting a door into the party wall of the lounge and kitchen. In affect we will have pretty much a completely new downstairs by the time its all done!

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