Saturday, 27 February 2016

8a - The internals - electrics

So the head contractor rings me up this week and asks my availability next week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as he wants to discuss electrics and plumbing as the electrician is starting Tuesday and the plumber on Wednesday and he also wants to start the internal walls layout. I said that I was working all those days!! aghhhh.

So Monday afternoon, after work, I'm meeting with the electrician and head contractor to talk electrics. This is good,  as we are now moving towards the internal side of things taking place but its also scary because the decisions I make now affect the layout of our bedroom quite considerably.
"Why so?" I hear you ask, as it's only plug sockets and lights.
Well, Andy has a lot of equipment that needs to be plugged in either constantly or almost constantly and they require their own plug socket, this would include:

  • Specialised air pressure mattress for the bed - to protect Andy's skin as he can't turn himself, it rolls air through the mattress which relieves the pressure on Andy's body
  • Ventilator - supports Andy's breathing overnight allowing his body to rest more.
  • Humidifier - warms the air pushed through the vent. 
These 3 are vital and need their own plug all the time, but then there is the:

  • Overnight feed pump - Andy has a supplement overnight to ensure he's met his nutritional needs, it goes on in the small hours so it acts a breakfast replacement.
  • Suction machine - is used to pull up secretions off Andy's chest when he is unable to cough it up and should remain fully charged at all times
  • Nebuliser - Is used to loosen secretions on Andy's chest, Andy has a neb through the night so that would need its own plug to reduce staff disturbance. 
That's 6 items already and we haven't even discussed machinery such as the physio vest that is used daily to keep Andy's chest clear and cough assist machine which is used daily to force Andy to cough, thus helping to clear his chest. Also, something called a Niagara board, which is for massaging out Andy's hands and arms which help him keep the range of movement he has. I'm sure there's other things too that I'm forgetting but this doesn't include our own personal stuff such as charging phones or a radio/telly. Hmmmm.

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