Wednesday, 11 May 2016

16 - Yet more problems!!😁😩😕

The builders have started the process of digging out the floorboards and making entry points into the new parts from the old parts but, as always it seems, there is another problem with unforeseen costs involved to us. Basically the flooring was wooden with space underneath before the concrete bottom and in the spaces were electrical wiring and pipes for the radiator. The mains water pipe sits obstructively in the new entrance between old and new. In short this needs dealing with before concrete can go in.

In some ways I'm frustrated and in other ways I feel a bit like "C'est la vie" we seem to be getting used to mishaps along the way. One of the builders remarked today about us having had one of the highest number of skips on a build such as ours!!

The old destroyed kitchen showing the various pipes and wires in amongst the rubble! 

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