Saturday, 30 April 2016

14 - More problems, more solutions!

I wrote in earlier posts (12 & 8c) about knocking the back wall down and leaving a great big opening between the old house and new house which has now been done and looks fabulous. I'm so pleased with what it's done for that whole room. I will post pictures of it soon - promise!

As a result of some of the changes we've made as we've been going along, some necessary and some creative, it turned out the kitchen measurements weren't as accurate as they were when we ordered the kitchen, so as the kitchen fitters were measuring up they discovered that the units wouldn't all fit in, this isn't the fault of the kitchen store, more my fault or 'just how it goes'. Anyway, basically, we had a 400mm cupboard to fit in a gap of 370mm because pipe work I hadn't accounted for and plasterboard has taken 50mm of space it wasn't supposed too! The issue was resolved by buying a 300mm cupboard instead and finding a convenient space for the 400mm.

The kitchen is in the middle of being fitted now and it'll look amazing. I feel like I must be getting old as I'm looking forward to organising the kitchen and putting everything where I want it to go and then changing it a few times to find the perfect way - and then changing it again!!

The big thing now for Andy and I is choosing the colour..........

Pictures to follow.

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